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    I’ll introduce myself by answering a few simple questions about myself.

    Who am I? My name is McCall Zweifel Rose and I am a student here at OU. I’m married to a wonderful man by the name of Jon Rose. (That took place after the creation of this blog, so I unfortunately can’t change my web address.) I now have a son who I may occasionally mention as well.

    Where am I from? I’m originally from Shelley, Idaho, which means I’m a good ways away from home.

    Why am I at OU? I came because I couldn’t pass up the scholarships I received. One of those is the National Merit Finalist scholarship, the other is called the Global Engagement Fellowship. Now that I’m here, I’m falling in love with the college and the state.

    What is this Global Engagement thing? The basics of the Global Engagement scholarship program is to create more of a “global perspective” in the community, and specifically in the students in the program. Each “Fellow” received a scholarship that will be used to study abroad in the future. I applied because the requirements of the program were mostly things that I wanted to do, and why not get a little money to do these? I will take at least 2 study-abroad trips, one for a semester and one for a summer. I’m required to learn a language. I’m currently studying Italian in preparation to study in Italy.

    What am I interested in? I love music, which is part of why I chose Italian as my language. I sing, play the violin, and dance. I also love to read, sew, cook, longboard, swim, and slackline. (But I spend too much time watching Netflix.)

    What am I studying? My current plan is to major in Accounting, possibly with a minor in Italian.

    Boomer? Sooner!

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