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    It is tradition among OU Cousins to end the spring semester with a barbecue event. Most of the other events during the year are internationally based, which is very fun and informative for the American students, but the international students always want the experience of doing something purely American, and Oklahoman. What event is more Oklahoman than a barbecue? There is good old Southern/Country food (which one is Oklahoma again?), mechanical bull riding, and line dancing.

    For various reasons,┬ámy Cousin and I were not both able to go to this event. I didn’t want to go alone, so I took Jon (my husband) with me. The buses picked everyone up from the Lloyd Noble Center and took us out to a real ranch, horses and barn and all! I quite enjoyed everything. I’m gluten intolerant and couldn’t eat much of the food, but Jon said it was delicious. It sure was fun watching people ride the mechanical bull! It was most interesting to see how the international students were doing on that. (You could tell Americans from Internationals by the color of the name tags.) Oftentimes the American students were doing much better than the others, but there were some international students that did better than any of the rest.

    It was a great end to the semester. I got to see horses, hear country music, and get a free cowboy hat. I’m going to miss the OU Cousins program this summer. Perhaps next year I’ll be more able to be active and attend more of the events, because they truly are fun!